Lifehacker Article on Diplomatic Life

Lifehacker recently had an interview with FSO Luke Durkin where he described his life as a diplomat. I think he covered the bases quite well and I think it is a nice little insight for those of you interested in the career.

A few of my FSO friends on Facebook did take issue with this bit:

Bottle Neck of Comments

As is probably evident from the lack of new posts, I hadn’t checked in on the site for a few weeks. Blame it partially on a week of lounging around a resort in beautiful Mallorca and partially on not having anything worthwhile to say.

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The Ambassador Who Worked from the Toilet

This article from Ars Technica is a pretty interesting read and addresses two undeniable facts of the U.S. Department of State:

  1. It can be very easy for one bad person at post to ruin the morale for everyone. That is especially true when the person is the ambassador.
  2. Our colleagues in IRM are underpaid and have to deal with a lot of complaints that are really out of their control.

24 Hours With A U.S. Diplomat

One of the more popular features of this blog has been my series of posts about the day in the life of a Foreign Service Officer. I haven’t added new entries to that series in a while because I’ve covered most of the work that I feel comfortable with. Fortunately, CNN has come along to do my job for me. Even better, they profiled someone I worked with.

Charlie Slater, 59, has spent the last 21 years working in U.S. embassies all over the world — from Sierra Leone and Pakistan to Thailand and Ethiopia.


Can You Pass the FSOT?

I recently noticed the U.S. Department of State offers a practice test on their site that will give you a rough approximation of your chances of passing the FSOT. After nearly nine years in, I thought I’d take it and see if I would have any chance these days of successfully beating the exam.

FSOT Results

A solid “B”. Better than most of my college grades.